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Life of Makeup Influencers -Brand Collaborations
Social Media Cosmetics and the re-invention of the Beauty Industry
Top 10 Careers In Cosmetology | Evergreen
Becoming a cosmetologist means entering the world of beauty. In the world of beauty, there are, what seems, like an endless list of career possibilities. From being self-employed to working with A-list celebrities, it’s any wonder why everyone wouldn’t want to be a cosmetologist! We have put together our top six cosmetology careers. See which …
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10 Exciting Careers for Beauty Lovers
Love looking your best and helping others to look their best? Why not do it for a living?
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10 Cool Jobs In The Beauty Industry | JobMonkey.com
Need a job? The beauty industry is a multi-billion dollar niche and it's growing each year. Discover 10 cool beauty industry jobs in this post.
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Jeffree Star & Lipsticknick are proud to announce the "BEHIND THE BRUSH" classes! Whether you are a professional makeup artist or just a lover of all things beauty, this demonstration style class will prove to be packed full of product knowledge, personal tips and professional tricks that will help you take your artistry to the next level! Jeffree exposes some of his personal makeup secrets that leave him looking FLAWLESS! Learn his favorite MUST-HAVE products as you watch Lipsticknick create a signature Jeffree Star look! Lipsticknick takes us "behind the scenes" and talks product, trends, sanitation and organization, followed by a live demonstration on Jeffree! Some of the techniques learned in this class may include: - Setting up your makeup station - Sanitizing your makeup and tools - Properly prepping skin prior to makeup application - Creating beautiful, balanced brows (colored and natural) - Creating a flawless foundation application - Contouring & highlighting like a pro - Applying glitter with ease - Creating the perfect smokey eye - Using different blending techniques - Applying Eyelashes - Creating "ombre" style lips
11 Beauty Careers that Pay Well and in High Demand Always - WiseStep
While careers in beauty are often chosen by women,with the increase in popularity for male models,men are also opting for beauty careers that pay well.
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The Ultimate List of Creative Careers in the Beauty Industry | VICI
Looking for an artistic or creative career? The beauty industry may be perfect for you! Check out this list of 50 creative careers and find your dream job!
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Cosmetology Job Description, Career Options and Cosmetologist Salary
Read the job description and responsibilities of a cosmetologist. Salary, job outlook, career options and other cosmetology career information.
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What Career Specialities are in the Field of Dermatology? – The Best Health Care Degrees
Dermatology is the study of the skin, and there are a number of career specialties in dermatology people may not know about. Many simply know that a dermatologist is a doctor that takes care of the skin, hair and nails. However, the types of specializations within this field are actually quite vast. Let’s take a closer look at some of these subspecialties.
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"25 Best Jobs in 2015" Include Estheticians and Skin Care
Estheticians and skin care specialists were named as one of the "Top 25 Best Jobs" to have in 2015 according to Yahoo! News. Expected job openings are...
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50 High Paying Beauty and Cosmetology Jobs & Career ideas for 2019 | ProfitableVenture
Are you passionate about skincare, makeup and lifestyle? If YES, here are 50 high paying jobs & career ideas in the beauty and cosmetology industry for 2019
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