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Life of Makeup Influencers -Brand Collaborations
Social Media Cosmetics and the re-invention of the Beauty Industry
The 10 highest-paid YouTubers include the Paul brothers and a 7-year-old toy reviewer — here's the full list
From trick shots and video games to makeup and toy reviews, YouTube's highest-paid stars are raking in more than $14 million each.
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The World's Highest Paid YouTubers Are Definitely Not Who We'd Expect
Jeffree Star isn't surprising, but the one who outearns them all is almost alarming.
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From Kylie Jenner to Rihanna, how celebrities changed the face of the beauty industry
From Rihanna's diverse message to Kylie Jenner's social media influence, why we keep buying into celebrity beauty brands.
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13 Celeb Beauty Brands You Didn't Know Existed
Thanks to the glorious power of social media, we're always going to know who the newest CoverGirl ambassadors are or the latest pop star to get their own M.A.C. Cosmetics line. Then there are the celebrity beauty brands that are slightly…
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All of Our Favorite Celebrity Beauty Brands – Ranked
Savoir Flair is ranking all of the most popular celebrity beauty brands on the market from best to worst – and the results are sort of surprising.
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12 Celebrities who've launched their own makeup collections
Check out these celebrities who've launched their own beauty and makeup lines.
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